With my upcoming trip to Paris in December, I have started picking up a few bits and bobs for my trip to relieve the expense of getting it all just before going. 

The best thing about this is Primark's current licensing to sell Disney merchandise. So, I have been having multiple field days! The best thing about this, too, is the cheapness of it all. With the holiday already being a good bit of money, it's good to know I can buy the branded goods, to dress head to toe in Disney, at a fraction of the price. 

I thought I could piece together a blog post with my current purchases but I know I will be purchasing so much more; including Christmas-y themed things nearer the time! 

My favourite purchase so far has been my luggage case! I was satisfied with taking my standard white hard case at first. After all, it's only a holiday of a couple of days, and I'm going on the Eurostar! That was until I stepped foot in the Disney store... 

I saw this case and immediately fell in love. What was even better was the price! It was £39.99 for this little beauty, which comes with a lovely spotty inside, and four wheels for easy rolling. Now, I can't be more excited to show it off as I walk the concourse of King's Cross station, evidently showing everybody where I'm off to! It's incredibly cute that I even received compliments just after purchasing the case. 

Of course, my suitcase will house all of my goods, but I needed something to carry around my things during the days spent at Disney.

I pop into Clinton's on a daily basis to check up on their stock of Tsum Tsum's, which I'm obsessed with! I also have a love for their Disney range in general, with the various Cinderella, Belle and Mary Poppins merchandise. However, I was so sad to see that my local Clinton's, and others that I had visited, didn't sell a Mary Poppins tote bag, regardless of selling a tote bag in all of the other Disney characters. Until today! I visited the Clinton's in Birmingham New Street station, and there it was in all of its beautiful glory! I saw it, snatched it off the shelf and ran to the checkout. I HAD to have it. Anybody who knows me knows that Mary Poppins is my ultimate favourite Disney character, and so it was a must have. 

A visit to Disneyland requires a LOT of walking and I couldn't possibly do those in just your general shoes, right? Of course not! So, thanks to Primark, I picked up the cutest pumps with Minnie print all over them, and at £8, I couldn't say no! I am also going to personalise them a little and add some colour. I haven't figured out what colour yet but I'm definitely colouring in Minnie's little bows. 

Speaking of things to put on your feet, look at these little slippers! 

As I'm going in December, it is expected to be cold. I didn't want to have to lug around proper, hard soled slippers so when I stumbled across these, they were perfect. And oh my gosh, they are SUPER soft on the inside. My little tootsies are going to be very happy. 

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Even with the things that nobody else is going to see, they need to be Disney, too! I bought this cute Belle makeup bag, too. A little lie, I bought this before I had even booked my holiday to Disneyland, but it has come in handy, and the perfect excuse to use it even more now! 

Okay, I promised myself that I would be subtle Disney but I can't help it; I AM EXCITED. I am a child when it comes to Disney, everybody is and so I am not going to hide it. Not at all! 

I will probably update with another blog post along the line because I will definitely be buying much, MUCH more. 

So, I look forward to seeing you next time when I'm all ready for my holiday! 

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