A bucket list is a great thing for you to do and it's even better when you begin checking off things, too! I have kept a bucket list for a good few years now and it makes me so happy to see myself checking off a few things. Some wishes are a little easier to achieve than others, but it does genuinely surprise me when I look at me completing the more difficult ones, rather than the easier ones! I guess is just proves how much more adventurous I'm getting. Here are a few things on my bucket list and I will update this blog post when I complete things and when I think of new things to add! 

Go on a helicopter ride

Visit New Zealand

Get a tattoo

Be bought a bouquet of flowers

Visit Scotland

Attend a wedding in a different country

Visit all of the Disney attractions

Donate blood

Fly a kite

See Coldplay live

Go to an aquarium

See the Northern Lights

Walk across Abbey Road

Swim in the Blue Grotto

Visit Las Vegas

Make a gingerbread house

Attend a music festival

Bake a loaf of bread

Celebrate a holiday in a different country

Visit Japan

Get a degree

Attend a murder mystery

Finish a crossword puzzle

See a ballet

Do the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Be an organ donor

Learn to use chopsticks

Ride a zip line

Ride in a hot air balloon

Hold a koala bear

Fly first class

Go on a safari

Name a star

Go on a cruise

Attend a gay pride event

See a play/musical on Broadway

Stand under a waterfall

Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

Create a family tree

Solve a Rubik's cube

Make a candle

Sew something I can wear

Attend a film premiere

See a Wimbledon match live

Attend a tea tasting

See a real life panda

Visit the Empire State Building

Own a Polaroid camera

Public speak to over 100 people

Eat pizza in Italy

Become a homeowner

Learn to drive

Win an award

Plant a tree

Take an underwater picture

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