When visiting cities, everybody has their favourite place to go. In your hometown, you have your favourite particular spot. For me, in London, it is Covent Garden.

I have no backstory to provide you as to why it is my favourite place to go. I have no sentimental reason as to why I love it so much. I just do.

I always laugh when I think back to one day when I was in my flat, and I said to myself, "I am going to visit somewhere new today". I picked up my laptop and began researching places to go, looking for the 'Top 10 places to visit when in London' and I settled for visiting Brixton. At this point, I had never visited Brixton before and so I was looking forward to exploring a place which most people speak so fondly of.

I hopped on the tube and began my journey to Brixton. That was until I was minutes into the journey and I began to get anxiety over the prospect of going somewhere new, on my own. So, guess where I ended up instead? Covent Garden.

It is my favourite place, definitely, in the winter. Covent Garden during the Christmas season is everything you imagine it is. From their incredibly tall Christmas to the garland that hangs in each of the alleys, decorated with baubles and twinkling lights.

But even without all of the Christmas dressing, it is still my favourite place to visit.

So, instead of just trying to talk about my favourite place and trying to sell it to anybody who hasn't been there before, I made a video. Now, I'm no videographer, I'm not skilled in this area but I enjoy making videos of my favourite things for me to look back on.

Introducing, A Day In Covent Garden…

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  1. LOVED THIS! Covent Garden is one of my favourite places too 💓


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