Since my last post about preparations for going to Disneyland Paris in December, I have bought a few  more things for my trip. 

Firstly, I had to buy this bag. 

(£12, Primark)

I had seen this bag a few weeks ago and I was contemplating on buying it. This was way before my trip to Disneyland was booked, and I decided against buying it. The next time I took a trip to Primark, it was gone! It hard surprised me as it is a beautiful bag. 

However, when I went back recently, they were back in stock! So, this time, I picked it up and purchased it right away. It is perfect for my trip as it is Disney themed, it's glittery and it's big enough for me to take around the park with my essentials in. 

If the glitter wasn't good enough about the bag, look at the cute little keyring on the zip! For £12, I thought this bag was an absolute steal, and the best of it is, it's something that I will definitely be using after my trip to Disney! 

Considering I'm going to Disneyland in December, it is, of course, going to be cold! I thought I would need to wait a little longer to be purchasing jumpers and sweatshirts, and I hoped that Primark would still be bringing out Disney clothing by then. 

Turns out, they're stocking them now! 

Firstly, I picked up a simple, classic Minnie Mouse grey sweatshirt. 

(£8, Primark)

Look how cute it is! And oh my, it is incredibly cosy. It is thinly lined with fleece on the inside and it will be perfect to wear in the cold, French winter. The best of it is, because it is only a thin sweatshirt, I will be able to wear a t-shirt underneath as well without getting too warm. 

Next, I picked up a good ol' Donald Duck one!

(£8, Primark)

I adored the colour of this sweatshirt and so I just had to pick it up. Considering everything else that I have bought for Disney so far has been black, white or grey (my usual palette of clothing), I thought this sweatshirt in this lovely turquoise shade would be perfect to get away from the dull tones. 

Finally, shoes! Yes, more shoes. These will be my last pair now, though, as I've already bought one pair and two pairs of shoes for a four day trip is plenty! 

Contrary to my last white pair of Minnie Mouse sneakers I bought, today I got a black pair! 

(£10, Primark)

I picked up these because I thought one, comfort! And two, being black, they will go with anything that I wear! As I mentioned earlier, my main clothing palette consists of blacks and so it was pretty obvious that I was going to buy these shoes! Black skinnies are my main go-to clothing and so these will match perfectly! 

And that's all for now! 

No doubt that I will be back again soon, writing another blog post on what else I've bought! 

Speak to you all soon, 

B x

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